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“How to Release Your Regrets In Your Relationships” 
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DECEMBER 5, 6, 7 & 8  | 7 PM EST

 How to

release regrets

in your relationships

$69.97 CAD

Do you feel

like you should've kept your mouth shut during a tough conversation, and wished it had gone differently?



like you're losing your mind because you can't stop ruminating on the negative thoughts and feelings


consumed by “an event in your life” wishing you could just erase it from your memory, your heart and your mind? 



that you are beginning to doubt yourself and your integrity, ever since “the BIG incident” so much so that you are truly beginning to question your whole being?

If you are nodding YES to any of these, then this workshop is perfect for you!

What will this event help me achieve?


  • You'll learn what regret is in order to understand why it happens, and how you may use regret to your advantage.


  • You'll begin to understand the impact regret can have on your emotional well-being. 


  • You'll learn that you are not alone when it comes to feeling this way. 


  • You'll learn how to respond in future situations, and flip regret on its head. 


  • You'll be able to look at your current relationships in a new light. 

what you need to know!


DATES: DECEMBER 5, 6, 7 & 8


TIME: 7 pm EsT | 6 pm CST | 4 pm PDT | 12 am BST

(expected time frame is 45 minutes each day!)


PRICE: $69.97 cad


REPLAYS: You have lifetime access to all of the replays!


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VIP: Want to do A deeper dive? We are offering a limited amount of VIP spots to get personal.

What does this look like? 15-minute 1:1 call to walk away with a personalized action plan that will set you in motion to implement change immediately (all for $32 CAD)


What can you expect? 

DAY ONE - let's dive in

First things first… what is REGRET? Before we can learn how to release regret, we need to understand it! You will learn:

  • What regret is
  • Why it happens
  • And how to leverage regret to YOUR advantage

DAY TWO - Gaining Clarity

Now that you better understand regret (and all of it's glory) it's important to understand where you are RIGHT NOW. You will learn how to work through your regret from a different perspective, and better understand why it still affects you today.

DAY THREE - All the feels

It's time to feel ALL of the feels and put together a plan to help you move forward. Now that you can see regret from a different perspective, is it best to Release or Resolve…?

DAY FOUR - rapid fire Q & A

This is the perfect opportunity to get all of your questions answered! In our last live group coaching session - you bring the questions and get answers!


Book a 1:1 15-minute call and get a specific action plan that will set you in motion to implement change immediately (only $32 CAD!)

My message and mission is only as powerful as the people whom I have worked with. . .

"Denise's course is a game changer. Just finished a class with her. Use the information on a daily basis. I have taken my identity back since the class and have enrolled in college again. So excited. It is life..."

"I can't express enough how much I've gotten out all of your advice. My relationships have changed not only with my children, but with my husband and how we interact., just because we do things different. It's all about communication on how people respond to, by the way you speak to them. And I think people pick up on how you do things and they react to that. Things are just changing around my house, for the better."

“We all have different lives and different concerns in our relationships with our adult children and I appreciated that Denise was able to focus in on those individual situations and let us express what we needed, and get guidance from her, and that was just so helpful.”


I am an International Empowerment Life Coach who fully believes in the power of awareness, self care, knowledge and time.

I have a unique gift and combined with my 31 years of award winning teaching, and first-hand experiences as a Mom of 3 incredible well established, happy and prosperous children allows me to support successful coaching roles.

My calling is to help you see the greatest highest good that lives within you and help you access your inner knowledge, belief and understanding so you will no longer worry or stress about what could be missing from life.

I have worked with hundreds of clients taking them from being hollow, overwhelmed and lost to finding purpose and zest for life!

did someone say free?

What better way to dive in - other than a free handbook? 


This handbook will give you a much needed foundation around regret, before we get started! 

as seen on:


“Just because I let you go, doesn’t mean I wanted to.”


The kind of knowledge contained in this workshop is worth thousands of $$$, but my commitment to you is not only to give you education that actually works—BUT is to give it to you at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Which is why I am offering this for a LIMITED TIME ONLY 

Don't miss this once in a life time opportunity!